Why Simple Pest Removal Isn’t Enough

Why Simple Pest Removal Isn’t Enough

Whether you’re dealing with tiny mice, mischievous raccoons, or something in between, rodent pests can be a major nuisance. Don’t be fooled by how they look in the movies! These creatures may be cute like Stuart Little or Rocket Raccoon, but left up to their own devices they can cause thousands of dollars in damage for businesses and homeowners alike. As soon as you determine the presence of pests on your property, get in touch with us immediately. Don’t hesitate and let it get out of control. 

That said, simply removing the pests isn’t enough. Even if we clear out every trace of the furry little intruders, they could invariably return next season, if not sooner. Either that, or different vermin could exploit the same structural weak points to take their place. That’s why Critter Evictor offers a comprehensive, three-step pest control method to ensure that they don’t come back. Here’s how we keep your home or business safe, for years to come. 

Our Inspection

Before we even start extracting pests, we first do a complete inspection of your entire property. This is so we can find all points of entry and vulnerable spots that pests are exploiting. Common problem areas are faulty siding, the underside of pier-and-beam structures, improperly installed roof tiles, or other damages that have gone unrepaired. If there’s a hole somewhere in your home or building, pests are probably going to find it! 

Rodents like squirrels, who are naturally curious and prefer heights, will often make their way into elevated spaces. They can easily travel from lofty branches into eaves, crawlspaces, balconies, and attics where they will use any accessible debris to make their nests. Bigger pests like raccoons or possums usually prefer dark, dry places that are low to the ground. They are most likely to invade garages, storage units, and the aforementioned pier-and-beam homes. 

The Removal

Once the inspection is complete, we move onto the actual removal process. We prefer to use humane methods whenever possible instead of poison and traps. Not only is this better for the environment and the animals, it is ultimately more effective most of the time. We don’t believe in unnecessarily harming creatures for simply following their instincts, and the problem with traps is that they usually just delay the inevitable. Any rodent you release from a trap has the chance to find its way back. 

The technique we use for extraction typically entails spraying pheromones around the previously discovered entry points and places where rodents have taken up residence. These pheromones mimic the presence of larger predators, non-invasively persuading pests to stay away. These chemicals fade with time, but don’t worry, that’s one of the reasons our job doesn’t stop there!


After the removal is done and the pests have fled the premises, we then go about “sealing the door” on every weak spot we discover during inspection. This is our way of telling all forest dwellers that there are no more vacancies in your involuntary hotel! Any animals that do eventually return will be unable to regain entry, and hopefully find a home in their natural habitat instead. 

We consider ourselves exclusion specialists. Most pest control services simply get rid of rodents, but we always go above and beyond. In fact, we’re so confident in our ability to keep out pests that we guarantee commercial buildings with a special 15-month warranty. After all, most pests and vermin are opportunistic in nature. If you don’t give them a way in, then you won’t have to scramble to find a way to get them out later! 

We’ll Handle Your Pest Problem The Correct Way!

When it comes to pest control, there’s no room for half measures. If you give rodents an inch they’ll take a mile, exploiting every nook and cranny like a whiskered ninja. Don’t rely on a service that only does part of the job. At Critter Evictor we give you a full suite of service, from the initial inspection, to removal, to exclusion after the fact. All that for no additional cost and a one time fee. 

If you’re in need of comprehensive pest control, fill out our online form or call us today!

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