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My name is David Mauricio from Rockport, Texas. I graduated from Texas A&M University in 2009 with a Bachelor’s Degree in Wildlife & Fisheries Sciences and a focus in Wildlife Ecology & Management. I have been employed with Lee at Critter Evictor since Fall 2015, but I have been in this industry since 2011. I grew up hunting, fishing and have always enjoyed being outdoors. The saying goes ‘love what you do, and you will never work a day in your life’. I’ve been given the opportunity to do that. Taking all the skills I learned when I was young and in school allows me to apply them to Real-World situations.

David Mauricio Animal Removal Expert

David Mauricio

– Operations Manager

– Bachelor’s Degree in Wildlife & Fisheries Sciences and a focus in Wildlife Ecology & Management

– ‘Love what you do, and you will never work a day in your life

Lee Pitluk

Lee Pitluk

– Owner of Critter Evictor

A Little Background:

My name is Lee Pitluk, owner of Critter Evictor here in San Antonio. I built this company from scratch with the sincere intention of correcting the inequities and omissions, whether intended or not, of other companies in this category of business.

I am a George Washington disciple (only because of the cherry tree story, remember 1st grade?) and we are a Golden Rule company. We are local, we care about our San Antonio community, our neighbors, and we will always do what’s in your best interest for your health and welfare – and the safety and security of your property. There is a right way to do this business and a wrong way – we will always strive to do what’s right… the ultimate goal being you never have to call us again. (Note: new roofs, remodels , homes or offices that are 50+ years old – those are the only clients we would ever expect to hear from again,) Serving Bexar, Atascosa, Comal, Guadalupe, Kendall County & select others

In 2004, I had a raccoon in my attic. The ‘Critter’ company came out, charged several hundred dollars, got the raccoon out, sealed the entry point and gave me a warranty for 12 months only on the work performed. Within 5 days, the raccoon was back in, within 3 feet of the previous breach around the other side of the chimney and they wanted to charge me again.

One more story – my 1st Critter Evictor job, in 2012, was a wonderful older couple in Universal City. A well-known local Pest Control company had removed her raccoon, secured the south face slatted gable vent that the animal had gained entry through and again, gave them a warranty just on the work they did. The raccoon was through the North face gable vent within 4 days. Well known pest control company was ready to start with new charges. They called and asked what I would have done, I set an appointment for a free estimate, upon inspection I told them I would have closed the north and south face gable vents, there were 4 vents on her roof that needed addressing and that the mortar around the bricks where the AC line went into the house would be reinforced. I promised her not even a mouse was getting back in, that’s how our warranty works, on the entire structure. And in the end, my bid forafull exclusion  was within $80 of what she’d already paid for inferior work, designed to generate a 2nd bite at their pocketbook.

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