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At Critter Evictor, we excel at guaranteed raccoon, rodent (squirrels, rats & mice), bird and bat animal control service in San Antonio (and skunk and possums in the patio, sheds and pier & beam arenas). We understand the complexity involved in performing these services correctly. By eliminating your problems completely, we ensure that critters will not return. We use humane and effective methods for removing animals from your home or commercial building.  
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Raccoon, squirrel, rat, Animal Control Services in San Antonio


While animal control in San Antonio companies specialize in killing insects, at Critter Evictor, we’re experts in wildlife control. On your behalf, our goal is to perform these services diligently and efficiently, securing the exterior of your home (or business) for the long-term – which means we take care of your wildlife control situation the first time – and strive to ensure it will not happen again. Quality work is our utmost priority; we excel at difficult jobs other companies may have failed to deliver.

Critter Evictor’s destructive animal removal service!

Providing Residential & Commercial Animal Control

Critter Evictor not only serves residential customers but commercial customers as well. If you are experiencing problems with mice or rats, squirrels, raccoons or other wildlife in your office building, restaurant, medical facility, condos, etc. — we will solve it for you with our humane animal removal in San Antonio!

On Average 40-90% Cheaper Than The Competition

“I manage an apartment community here in San Antonio and have used Critter Evictor for our building exclusions. Lee and his team are wonderful! They are all extremely thorough and professional and have always been prompt and responsive. I will continue to use them in the future and highly recommend their service.”

-Local Apartment Manager

“Love these guys, always professional and are in and out in no time! They communicate effectively and typically are even ahead of schedule. They work with you and your schedule. Wouldn’t go anywhere else for both my residential AND commercial pest needs.”

-Chris W.

“Several realtors from the real estate company i work with, the Phyllis Browning Company have used Critter Evictor and been very pleased with the outcome. They get the job done and close off openings in a way that the animals won’t come back. They also found the price to be very competitive with others”

-Debbie M.

“Lee went out to check a clients home on the same day. He was very helpful and professional with us and our client. He found the problem right away and was able to help us with a long term solution. I would recommend Critter Evictor for your critter home invasion.”

-Michele H.

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