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Humane Texas Raccoon Removal & Control

Among all larger pests, raccoons might be the most notorious. They’re known for their aggression, intelligence, and destructive behavior, even sporting a characteristic black “mask” over their eyes that suggests mischief. While they are, understandably, just animals acting on instinct and don’t harbor any ill will, their traits make them particularly troublesome.

Primarily, raccoons are omnivorous scavengers, meaning they’ll search for food almost anywhere, including your trash bins and storage areas. They also favor dark, dry, enclosed areas, particularly for nesting during their breeding season. Despite their size – sometimes reaching up to 20 pounds – they’re proficient at squeezing through small spaces. Being primarily nocturnal, they tend to engage in their mischievous activities at night, making them harder to spot.

However, there’s good news. Raccoons are also alert and wary creatures. At Critter Evictor, we utilize this behavior to drive them away from your property effectively! Additionally, we’re skilled at ‘sealing the door’ after their exit, ensuring they can’t return. These methods form the cornerstone of our highly efficient raccoon service.

Removal: Instead of trying to individually trap or exterminate raccoons, we employ a unique chemical treatment that encourages them to vacate voluntarily. This treatment uses pheromones that mimic the presence of potential predators, naturally repelling the raccoons and keeping them at bay. Naturally, these pheromones will eventually dissipate – but we’ve got a solution for that as well.

Exclusion: Before any removal action, we conduct a comprehensive inspection of your property to find any vulnerable areas that raccoons might exploit. These weaknesses can be anywhere from your siding to your foundations, all of which we scrutinize during a complimentary initial consultation. As part of the removal process, we secure all access points, ensuring they remain impervious to any future animal intrusion. Our technicians also meticulously inspect the entire structure and seal all problem areas discovered during the exclusion phase, even those not identified in the initial assessment, all at no extra charge and included in your one-time fee.

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