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At Critter Evictor, we make a point of removing pests and securing our clients’ properties from future invasion by pests. This often means finding and repairing small structural problems that leave your home or business especially vulnerable to furry guests. Over the years, we’ve found a couple of construction features that prove especially problematic, so we offer professional consultation and repair for properties that have them.

Roofing – Tile roofs are especially vulnerable to pests because of the gaps between the tiles and the wooden decking they rest upon. Small animals like to make their nests in these gaps, sometimes even chewing into the wood beneath them. Metal roofs also present a challenge, as they often have caps custom installed to cover the vents along the roof’s ridge. If your roof’s custom capping was done improperly, it likely has gaps that will allow access to rodents and other pests.

Pier & Beam

Foundations – Pier-and-beam homes have a unique foundation structure where, instead of one slab of concrete that the building rests upon, there is a grid of concrete pylons supporting its foundational beams. This usually makes a crawlspace beneath the building that, if not properly secured, gives rodents an ideal place to make their homes. Entry points can open up as the foundation shifts over time or if it has improper skirting.

Dos and Don’ts of Pest-Proofing

Do consult us for consultation and repair on roofing or foundation problems that may leave you vulnerable to pests. We are often between 40% and three times less expensive than specialty companies.

Do look for warranties that cover the entire building, not just “the work performed.” Because Critter Evictor focuses on closing up all entry points for pests, we warranty your entire building and not just the specific repairs we make one time.

Do make sure that your warranty is practical for pest prevention. Animals come back seasonally; our 15-month warranty is designed to protect your property from the second attempt they will inevitably make next year.

Don’t accept “limited exclusion” work – this just sets you up for a second sale when animals find a new entry route after the first one is closed up.

Don’t rely solely on trapping services. Again, the animals will always come back, and traps-only services will just make you a repeat customer.

Don’t just rely on online service marketplaces like Home Advisor or TAKL. Sites like these will list service providers regardless of their expertise.

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