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Aside from our services for larger pests such as raccoons, skunks, and opossums, at Critter Evictor, we also hold substantial expertise in dealing with smaller pests such as mice, rats, bats, and squirrels.

Mice and rats, known as the most notorious rodent nuisances, create a multitude of issues. They infiltrate and pollute food supplies, spread diseases, and incessantly gnaw at various materials, causing damage. Their small size allows them to exploit tiny openings and hide in hidden corners. Given that mice and rats can breed up to ten times a year, an infestation may be far more significant than anticipated!

Removal: Fortunately, the techniques used for larger pests usually prove equally effective against smaller ones. Just like with raccoons, we use a chemical treatment containing predator pheromones that repel the pests and establish a natural barrier around your home. Given the large population of mice and rats, we may enhance this treatment with one-way exits or traps. However, our go-to method for pest removal is generally the pheromone treatment.

Exclusion: Simply eradicating the existing pests isn’t sufficient because rodents are persistent and likely to return, possibly the very next season or even sooner. That’s why our services for mice, rats, or squirrels also include exhaustive exclusion work. We meticulously inspect your home for any entrances that animals might use to infiltrate during our initial complimentary consultation. Once our removal work is complete, we revisit all those openings, plus any new ones we identify, and seal them off. Thanks to our exclusive 15-month warranty, you can be confident that your pest issues will be effectively addressed for the coming year.

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While you might often view squirrels as harmless inhabitants of parks, they can actually turn out to be quite a nuisance. Resourceful and nimble, they prefer high places for settling and use whatever materials they can scavenge to build their nests. Although they naturally dwell in treetops, they are known to expand their territory, literally branching out to nest in lofts, chimneys, eaves, and other difficult-to-access areas in your house when given an opportunity. They may even undertake their own form of renovations, collecting debris or tearing apart insulation to construct their nests.

Allow Critter Evictor to apply our efficient two-step rodent control service to permanently rid your home of rats and mice! Discover more about how our program operates and learn about our 15-month warranty.

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