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Keep Your Texas Business Free of Rodents and Wildlife

Besides creating troubles for homeowners, rodent pests can also significantly disrupt businesses. They not only reflect poorly on customers, partners, and clients but infestations of rats, raccoons, or squirrels can result in substantial property damage and potential disease spread. Additionally, they can be a source of irritation and disturbance to employees. Thankfully, Critter Evictor offers a range of services to support commercial customers with any rodent challenges.

Squirrels can be particularly problematic as well. Despite often being seen as forest inhabitants rather than pests, their curious nature and preference for high places frequently lead them from treetops to crawlspaces, eaves, and attics. Here, they gather shredded paper, insulation, and other debris to form their nests. Larger pests like raccoons, squirrels, and opossums typically stick closer to the ground, finding their way into dark and dry spaces like storage units, garages, and pier-and-beam foundations.

While our primary focus is on providing thorough and efficient pest control, we are equally mindful of our environmental impact. That’s why we opt for humane methods whenever feasible. Quite often, these methods are more effective too. Our most frequently used and successful strategy involves using pheromones that imitate large predators. This approach not only prevents direct harm to the animals but also expels most, if not all, of them at once, proving far more efficient than poison or traps.

Naturally, we understand that pest removal is only half the challenge; ensuring they stay away is the other half! Hence, we also heavily focus on inspection and exclusion. Initially, we will scrutinize your property for any vulnerabilities that might provide pests access. Following the removal, we then seal those potential entry points. We are so confident in our exclusion abilities, in fact, that we cover the entire building, not just “”the work performed,”” with our unique 15-month warranty.

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I manage an apartment community here in San Antonio and have used Critter Evictor for our building exclusions. Lee and his team are wonderful! They are all extremely thorough and professional and have always been prompt and responsive. I will continue to use them in the future and highly recommend their service.
–Crystal B 78209

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