“We live in a home with a barrel tile roof. It’s beautiful….but (as we have learned) the area under the barrel is a haven for critters; squirrels , rats, ring tail cats.They just pop-up the tiles, scratch thru the decking and gain entry into our home. Over the years we have used several companies, none of which could fix the problem long term or offered a warranty. Then I found Critter Evictor. The owner Lee, is professional and stands behind their work.  The technicians are prompt, courteous and respectful. They take the time to explain exactly what they found and how it’s to be fixed. And there IS a warranty ! Don’t waste your time and money thinking about anyone else, call Critter Evictor first.”

— Robin R 78258

I hired Critter Evictor shortly after we moved to San Antonio and discovered a happy family of squirrels living in our attic.  They had created many (a dozen) entry points.  David and his team inspected the attic space (part of which is quite difficult to access), entire tile roof line, took photos of the open areas, placed one way traps, and secured the areas.  We recently called them again, after our son who was visiting from out of town, noticed some movement above a bathroom and we couldn’t figure out if it was on the roof or in the attic.  David returned promptly and inspected the attic and the roof line.  We quickly caught some field mice.  David also noticed a roof issue that I would have not likely known until there was water damage.  Living on Government Canyon, we expect visits from critters, so it’s nice to know that Critter Evictor has a competent team of employees. Thank you Lee, David and Joseph!

Beth C 78258

We had 4 pipes chewed by either a squirrel or a rat that got into our attic. The water leaked through our ceiling in 4 different areas of our house. We were getting desperate. Critter Evicters came within a couple of days of contacting them. They sealed up around 17 possible entries into our attic that hadn’t been sealed properly by our builder. We had the last pipe chewed through a few days after they came and sealed all the entry points and put a trap at the only exit point. No more chewed pipes. No more water leaks. Yay!! And a warranty for about 15 months. So great service. Great price. Definitely worth every penny for the peace of mind. What a relief. 

Theresa M 78023

I am very happy with the service I received from David and Lee; they were very knowledgeable, prompt, and courteous. David took care of the critter problem in my vent and did a thorough check of other possible entry points. The fee was very reasonable compared to another local company.

Renita E 78023

If you have a pest control issue Critter Evictor is the route to go.
One morning we heard movement in our wall, saw some of our indoor house plants had been eaten, and saw where some gnawing had occurred. We immediately called Orkin. The pest control company came out, set some traps, but the issue continued throughout the next few weeks. My husband and I tried to take it into our own hands, but then again why did we pay Orkin? We decided to then call Lee; he was prompt. He came out the same day we called and within the next morning he had his team at our house. His team worked on our roof for a couple hours ensuring all access points were sealed and secured and an exit door was installed so pests could make their way of our attic and not back in. With Critter Evictor, we experienced no activity in our living area, rodents were now either getting caught in their traps within the attic, or exiting the attic via the exit door.  After one week the exit door was removed and we have been free of pest issues. Disheartening to know that we wasted 3 weeks working with Orkin when we should have called Critter Evictor all along and had the issue resolved in such a short amount of time. Not only did the job get done and the issue get resolved, but the customer service was impeccable.

Mari M 78256

If you’re facing a similar issue I’d recommend that you not waste your time and call Critter Evictor so that your issue can be resolved as soon as possible. The longer you wait the more of an issue you will have. Call Lee.  

Love these guys, always professional and are in and out in no time! They communicate effectively and typically are even ahead of schedule. They work with you and your schedule. Wouldn’t go anywhere else for both my residential AND commercial pest needs.  

Chris W 78210

Critter Evictor came in and honestly saved our house. We had a situation with roof rats in our attic and we could NOT figure out where they were finding access points. Our first “exterminator” simply set out traps and told us to call a roofer. Our second exterminator went a lot further, but still never found the entry point. Finally after hiring CE, they found the spot and closed it up. We heard the roof rats for a few more days, but they finally found their way to the traps and were gone. That was last November and all has been well since. The extended warranty was a big selling point for us. CE was happy to do several follow up visits to ensure that their work was holding. I would recommend this company to ANYONE with vermin in their residence. Don’t attempt to have your bug guy take care of it. Go straight to the experts.

Haley W 78255

Lee came over and assessed the problem I was having with rodents. When he was done, he advised that because of the way the homes on my block are situated, doing any work on just my home would not do anything to fix the problem. I live in a townhome which is attached to other homes and work would need to be done on all 7 of the attached homes to be effective. He could have advised on some pricey work at my home which would have been a waste but instead gave me a straight assessment.  He had some good advice on how I can proceed, which I appreciate greatly.

Joe F 78247

“They are awesome. They caught a raccoon and a possum. They actually go up into the attic. The critters find a way in and were just seeking shelter. Change the price to an A because actually I looked up other companies and they are different than anybody else.“

— Tom C 78260

“Very professional, attentive, and humane company. As soon as we told them there was a raccoon in the trap, they immediately came out to pick up the raccoon and set a new trap. Everyone was very friendly and appeared to genuinely care. Thanks Critter Evictor! We appreciate all of your hard work.“

— Mark M 78260


“My husband was the contact with this provider, so I don’t have all the wonderful things to say other than he said he was GREAT and did an excellent job!“


— Melissa C 78251


“Had raccoons and possible other animals in attic and under house. After calling other companies to remove animals with no warranty and no fixing of access points, I hit on Critter Evictor. Patched all access points to include roof that I had tried to get three different roofing companies to fix, they drove the animals out. Returned a few days later to finish patching. Came on time, returned calls, always pleasant and did exactly as he said he would. Gave 15 month warranty too.“


— Karen S 78247

“This is a great company! I suspected that something was residing in my attic so I called. Once I recovered from the horror of learning that the something was rats, they gave extremely detailed explanations. They inspected every inch of the exterior of the house and showed me the entry points for my own education. Technicians both exemplified professionalism and patience in answering my seemingly unending questions. Lee did the follow up visits and there was no evidence of new occupants. I consider this to be money well spent as these critters can cause damage to the electrical wiring which could be catastrophic. The 15 month warranty is a bonus and a most welcome one! After that I plan to have an annual inspection. There are pest control business’ out there who claim expertise in animal/rodent control, but I think a company that specializes only in this type of work is the one to call. I recommend calling this one.“


— Pamela W 78249


“We had raccoons and other vermin causing problems in our attic. We had just fired another company that wanted to charge our insurance company $15,000 to make repairs and when they turned down the claim, offered us an out-of-pocket “deal” of $6,750. plus forced us to sign for a 12-month “preventive service” contract @ $75 per month. Then they actually issued a draw on our bank account before they had done anything. Then we joined Angie’s List and we called Lee. He showed up on time and was very professional and didn’t bat an eye when we told him what we were dealing with and what had happened with the other company. He went up into the attic and sprayed something that flushed the animals out of the attic. He then sent his crew out to plug any entrance/exit holes in our entire house.


— Mark J 78247


Lee came out and explained how he gets rid of the critters and what he does to prevent them coming back. He gave us an estimate and we scheduled a day to have him come out and complete the first part of the process. He encouraged our resident squirrel to relocate and sealed up a multitude of entry points which any critter could use to make themselves at home Lee left some traps behind just in case we had any stubborn tenants. He came back and checked the traps after a few days and then removed them about a week later. Never having had any critter problems in previous homes we were pretty clueless as to what to do and how to prevent further problems. Lee explained his process very thoroughly and we are confident that the critters are gone. In the event that they do come back, Lee offers a 15 month warranty. We really enjoyed working with him, he’s very pleasant and knowledgeable and we appreciate all of the help he gave us.“


— Mark R 78232


“Was hearing scratching sound in the attic. They sealed all possible entry points with heavy gauge metal wire / screen and set traps. Very nice gentleman that came out to do estimate and explain the process. And they have a 15 month warranty. I would recommend Critter Evictor to anyone who hears that intimidating scratch or footsteps coming from the attic.“


— Kenneth H 78154


“We had the squirrel from H***. Our home was built in 1999 and for a couple of years we heard this noise in the attic and thought it was the branches of one of our trees rubbing up against the house. We didn’t know we had an unwanted critter in the attic. One morning my wife saw 2 squirrels coming out the corner side of our roof. I couldn’t believe they had chewed at the corner of roof in certain locations to get access to the attic.We looked up a couple of companies for animal removal on Angie’s List. Wife and I decided on Critter Evictor because of the reviews and showing up on time. We couldn’t have been happier with the service provided.“


— William T 78260


“Lee came out and inspected the attic after we noticed some animal droppings in the attic. Lee was friendly and professional. He was able to quickly determine that the droppings were from a gecko and not an issue that required any work. While he was there, he pointed out a few areas where finishes on the construction were not done quite right and left small openings that could be addressed in the future. He gave us an estimate for this optional work which we will consider. Overall, a thorough and honest evaluation. I would contact Lee if we experienced an issue in the future.“


— Matthew S 78261


“Nobody could have been more efficient in carrying out his work. I had prepared myself for a nightmare, he made it very easy.“


— John B 78230


“Evicted the critter, patched the hole. Just what was needed. Took the 1 yr warranty (ed.note – actually 15 months). Glad I did, because another critter showed up. That was taken care of promptly and at no charge.“


— Norman S 78232


“They replaced plastic protectors with wire when it was clear rodents had chewed through them to enter the roof. Then, they came back out when the squirrels found (or made) another entrance, and did it free of charge. They stand by their work and will go the extra mile to make sure you are satisfied.“


— Annette R 78261


“I hired them to trap and remove rats from my home’s attic. Everything went very well, and the owner actually did all of the work. He was very knowledgeable, he always returned my calls promptly, and he did a great job because the rats haven’t returned.“


— Ricardo V 78213


“They trapped and removed a raccoon from our attic. Everything went very well, and it was a good experience. The gentleman was courteous and friendly, he showed on time, and the price was reasonable.“


— Tom S 78216



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