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Holding a perfect track record since 2015, we pride ourselves as the premier exclusion service for homeowners and businesses with barrel tile, flat tile and metal roofs. We’ve even had roofers contact our services to solve their client’s dilemma. In most cases, the homeowner had previously paid for services that unfortunately did not result in a long-term solution.

Tile roofs can become especially problematic due to the innate nature of the tiles sitting atop the roof wood decking & strapping. This allows an open vestibule area between the wood decking and the tile itself. Wildlife will frequently use this space to nest and chew through the decking. Improper water runoff can also fall into the open chamber and may negatively impact the integrity of the decking. These decking problems typically can not be seen from ground level or without a proper roof line inspection. Trouble may be brewing, unbeknownst to the homeowner.

In the case of metal roofs, inspections are necessary under the roof caps. This is due to the custom installation of each individual cap that cover the ridge vent. Improper execution, too wide, will allow rodent access.

Home maintenance is an investment. Having us secure your residence in a timely manner gets you back to enjoying your home.

Prolonged, ignored or delayed maintenance will exacerbate an issue past the point of repair. If the decking becomes too damaged, there is no band aid to stop the flow of wildlife intruders. At such a point, we will help identify those areas that need to be addressed by your roofer. This has the potential to cost homeowners well beyond the cost of the initial repair.

Pier & Beam Structures

The usual suspects plus possums and skunks

Our exclusion services also include securing the foundation level of pier and beam construction, decks and outdoor sheds.

With pier and beam homes, foundation shifting, damaged or insufficient skirting creates exposed openings that animals can easily dig through and get under your home. Once under, smaller rodents can make their way into your home. The larger ones – raccoons, possums and skunks – will nest and wreak havoc.

Decks and outdoor sheds can also be plagued with unwanted intruders causing a nuisance to unsuspecting homeowners. Skirting can be added to keep these pests away.

From Alamo Heights through Monte Vista, King William to Jefferson High School, and throughout the southside, we provide exceptional animal exclusion services for pier and beam homes and businesses.

Buyer Beware: Do’s and Dont’s

Do – call us for a 2nd opinion. Of the handful of companies that will secure your home correctly & long term, we are normally 40 percent to 3 times less expensive.

Don’t – expect trapping to solve your dilemma. You will simply be a monthly retainer to your provider. Animal activity will never end… you have to close access.


Do – find a company that warranties your ENTIRE structure (Critter Evictor). Watch language that says warranty only on the work performed. That company is setting you up for a second sale. When work has been performed by a company closing current access only, the animals will work their way back in.

Don’t – accept “limited exclusion” work. Animals will go to the other side of the home and work their way back in. Our exclusion work includes current access and preventative work. We know where they’re going to try to reenter.

Do – read warranty length closely. Critter Evictor was the first to implement the 15 month warranty — since our business began. The reason? Raccoons are seasonal — they will be back next year — and whether that’s 11 months later, or 14, you are covered.

Don’t – Home Advisor, TAKL and others accept service providers whether they have expertise or not. And these companies make their money from providers that buy these leads — even if they can’t perform service properly. Buyer Beware!

Ready to get started?

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Call Us for Humane Animal Control Services in San Antonio

Raccoons can gain access to your home through a 4” hole. Once they’re in, they may decide your attic is the perfect place to nest and raise their young. Raccoons weigh from 7 to 20 pounds and consume anything they have access to. They are nocturnal scavengers who excel in making a mess. They are also known to create more holes in the exterior of your home, which will allow access for even more critters after they’ve moved on.

The birthing season in Texas is early spring to late summer, normally with a litter of up to four cubs being born. They are weaned by the age of three months, but the mother stays with the cubs until they are about a year old.

Evicting raccoons as soon you detect their presence is optimum to prevent further damage to your dwelling. Critter Evictor has a guaranteed and humane two-step method for removing raccoons (and ring tails) as a family, and keeping them out. And as the original implementers of the 15-month warranty, we guarantee they won’t get back in when they return next year— and they return!!


We use a two-step process for guaranteed raccoon removal

Removal: The pheromones we use simulate larger predatory animals and instill fear in squirrels, ring tail cats and raccoons, which cause them to leave your attic soon thereafter. Pheromone stimulation is overall more effective than trapping. If you trap the mother and offspring remain, you will have a larger problem a few days later, as the offspring will not survive without their parent.

Exclusion: During your free estimate, we create an assessment chart of your building to identify all potential openings for entry and exit. This document enables us to begin the full exclusion work to ensure that every current and potential access point is secured. Whether charted or not, our skilled technicians are directed to close all current & potential access points.

To begin, we seal all openings around the base, doors, fascia, siding, roof intersections, soffits, vents and any other opening located. In the event of prior mice or rat activity, we may place traps in the attic that are checked two times per week. Once we are certain that all wildlife are out of your structure, we seal our one-way exits.

When we have completed our work, we provide you with a 15-month warranty that covers the entire structure as well as any future wildlife intruder. At your leisure, you may later extend for additional 12-month periods.


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