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Austin Roof Foundation Treatment

Certain features of your building’s construction may make it especially susceptible to invasion by rodents large and small

Fortunately, Critter Evictor’s years of experience in Austin pest management enable us to also offer expert consultation and repair to buildings with these more challenging features.


Tile roofs can become problematic because of the open space between tiles and the wood decking or strapping beneath them. Wildlife will frequently use this space to nest, then chew through the decking as well. Improper water runoff can also get into the open chamber and cause rot or mold in the decking.

Metal roofs can be vulnerable because of their roof caps, which are custom installed to cover openings in the ridge vent of your roof. If installed improperly, these caps will likely have gaps in or around them that can allow rodent access.

These roofing problems typically aren’t visible from ground level and usually go undetected without a proper inspection. At Critter Evictor, we pride ourselves as the premier exclusion service for properties with barrel tile, flat tile, and metal roofs, so you can trust us to help you get ahead of the challenges that come with them!

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Pier & Beam 


Our exclusion services also include securing pier and beam construction. Shifts in the foundation of pier and beam homes or damaged or insufficient skirting can create exposed openings that make it easy for animals to get under the building. Once there, smaller rodents can make their way into your home, while the larger ones – like possums, raccoons, and skunks – will make a home and wreak havoc. Decks and outdoor sheds are also popular for unwanted intruders; we add skirting to help keep these pests away.

Dos and Dont’s

Do call us for a second opinion. We usually are 40% to 3 times less expensive than other companies that will secure your home correctly and for the long term.

Do find a company that warranties your entire structure. Warranties that only cover the “work performed” only set you up for a second sale, as animals will work their way in through new routes.

Do check warranty length. Critter Evictor has always offered a 15-month warranty because raccoons and other pests are seasonal and will return 11-14 months later.

Don’t accept “limited exclusion” work that won’t close up all possible points of entry. Our exclusion work includes current access and preventative work.

Don’t expect trapping to solve your pest problem. Without closing off pests’ access, the problem will never truly go away, and you will just be a monthly retainer to your provider.

Don’t rely solely on online marketplaces. TAKL, Home Advisor and others accept service providers whether they have the expertise or not – and make money from them even if they don’t perform service properly. Buyer Beware!