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Austin Rodent Removal 

Mice, rats, and squirrels are the most common rodent pests in Austin, causing a wide variety of problems

Rats can squeeze through holes as small as a quarter in diameter, and mice can wiggle through holes as little as a dime! Once inside your home, these rodents will gnaw through all kinds of materials, including paper, insulation, wiring, wood, and more. They will also get into food stores and can potentially carry diseases. To make matters worse, they breed up to 10 times a year – imagine how quickly a rodent population can grow!

Squirrels are agile, clever, and rather destructive in their nesting habits. Once they’ve found a cozy space in your attic to occupy, they will make it their own and be reluctant to leave. Fox squirrels are especially common in the Austin area, and they’re most likely to cause problems during their peak breeding seasons in January/February and May/June. Like mice and rats, squirrels are part of the rodent family, and our two-step process for rodent control is guaranteed effective against them.

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Removal: Our rodent removal process is very similar to the one we use for raccoons: by applying a pheromone treatment that simulates predators, causing your pests to flee once they pick up the scent. Pheromone treatment is often more effective than traps, as it repels all the animals at once, so we don’t have to lure or track them down individually. However, pheromones alone will not always drive out mice and rats, so for smaller rodents, we also set up our one-way exits and offer traps.

Exclusion: During your initial free consultation, we’ll examine your Austin area building or home for any pest entry points in and around your doors, siding, vents, fascia, and other areas and list them on an assessment chart. After removal work is complete, we then use that chart to ensure that every current and potential access point is secured. Whether charted or not, our skilled technicians are directed to close all current & potential access points. Once we are confident that all wildlife is out of your structure, we seal our one-way exits.

We don’t just get them gone; we keep them away. Our removal and exclusion service also includes a 15-month warranty covering the entire structure and any future wildlife intruders that may show up during the warranty period. After 15 months, you can then extend for additional 12-month periods.