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Austin Raccoon Removal

As nocturnal scavengers that will eat just about anything, raccoons excel at making a mess while remaining hard to catch

They often commit their crimes under cover of darkness, and it takes very little for them to enter your home. In fact, a hole or opening as small as 4 inches can be enough. And if they find a spot that isn’t visited frequently, such as a crawlspace or attic, they may decide to take up residence as well.

Dark, dry, enclosed spaces make very attractive nests, especially during their birthing season (from about early spring to late summer in Austin). A mother raccoon can have up to four cubs per litter, so what started as a small problem may quickly get big. Literally – raccoons can range all the way from 7 to 20 pounds in size!

In short, you want to get rid of a raccoon problem as soon as you detect it. Fortunately, Critter Evictor offers a humane, two-step raccoon removal method for homes and businesses throughout the Austin area. Our technique is also effective for other large pests such as squirrels and ring-tail cats. And with our 15-month warranty, we guarantee that the pests won’t get back in next year – though they will try!

Ready to get started?

Our raccoon service has two important steps:

Removal:Instead of killing raccoons or trapping them, we repel them using a pheromone treatment. These pheromones simulate larger predatory animals, so raccoons will flee once they pick up the scent. Not only is pheromone treatment more humane than killing or trapping, but it is also more effective, as it removes the necessity of tracking down individual animals and instead repels them all at once.

Exclusion: During our initial free consultation, we examine your foundations, doors, fascia, siding, and other features for any potential entry points for animals, which we then list on an assessment chart. Once we have completed our removal service, we’ll use this chart to ensure that every current and potential access point is secured against animal re-entry.

Our skilled technicians are directed to close all current and potential access points that they find, even ones not included on your initial chart. In the event of prior mice or rat activity, we may also place traps in the attic that are checked two times per week.

Our service also comes with a 15-month warranty covering your whole building and any additional removal work needed within the warranty period. After 15 months, the warranty may be extended for additional 12-month periods.