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Austin Commercial Wildlife Removal

In addition to our residential services, Critter Evictor performs wildlife removal for Austin’s commercial customers as well

Small animals often find a way into a building to seek food and shelter, but they bring disease and destructive habits. Nuisance animals don’t just affect your employees and damage your structure and materials; they also make a bad impression on customers and tenants. But with Critter Evictor’s versatile, reliable and affordable service, you can confidently leave such problems in the past.

The first thing that comes to mind when thinking of rodent pests is probably rats and mice, and for a good reason. They are invasive, destructive, plentiful, and able to squeeze through openings as small as a quarter or even dime while breeding up to ten times a year. Once inside your business, they may contaminate food stores, spread illness, and gnaw through all kinds of materials. Because they are small and easily concealed, the problem may be much bigger than it initially appears.

Other rodent pests also cause many problems for Austin business owners. As avid climbers, squirrels are known to wriggle their way into attics and crawlspaces, where they will often make nests and become long-term guests. This is especially likely during their peak breeding seasons in midwinter and late spring. As nocturnal scavengers, raccoons are known to make a mess overnight and then disappear. They are also likely to make nests out of the dark, dry spaces found in such places as storage units, basements, or the foundations of pier-and-beam structures. Opossums and skunks pose similar problems.

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Our first priority at Critter Evictor is pest control and prevention, but we are also aware of our environmental impact

That’s why we make a point of using humane methods, especially in our treatment of larger pests. Most of the time, our treatment will consist of the application of pheromones that mimic predators and therefore drive your unwanted guests away. We then get to work finding and closing all possible entry points that might allow the pests to find their way back in. Pheromone treatment may not work against large numbers of rats or mice, so for these pests, we also set up our one-way exits and offer traps.

And remember, our full exclusion work comes with a 15-month warranty! This covers your entire building, not just the “work performed,” as well as any additional pest removal that needs to be done within the warranty period. After 15 months, you then have the option to renew for additional 12-month periods.